What is a digital planner?

A digital planner is the digital version of traditional planners. They are interactive PDF templates on which you can write, draw, place stickers, etc. using your favorite note-taking app.

3 iPads with digital sticker book pages

Add some color to your planner spreads with digital stickers

Colorful sticker sets to increase the functionality of digital planners, notebooks and journals. Use them as many times as you want. Digital stickers never run out! Choose the bundle that best suits your needs and start the fun now!

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  • Noteshelf

  • Xodo

  • ZoomNotes

  • Notability

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Digital notebooks will change the way you take notes

Stop accumulating thousands of notebooks and finally have all your ideas and notes gathered in one place. Each model is available in portrait and landscape format and in various color palettes.

Enjoy the trip. And remember it all!

Plan all the details of your next destination. Write, draw, insert photos and gather all your experiences in one place. It will be like creating your own digital travel guide. And access it also from your cell phone during any part of the journey!

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  • Customer first

    A planner isn’t finished until someone is using it. User is the center of my design process that focuses on customer needs every step of the way.

  • Functional

    Easy and intuitive navigation between all pages. Layouts designed to plan the most important aspects of your day-to-day life.

  • Aesthetic

    Timeless design. Careful selection of color palettes and small details that invite you to be creative.

  • No-frills

    No flashy decorations. No senseless details. Just planners designed so you decide what to focus on as you get organized. It's that simple.

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It’s time to me time

Light a candle and read a book, take a walk in nature listening to your favorite music, dedicate 15 minutes to facial care, your daily yoga session, walk 10k steps. Track your routines and enjoy seeing how you are achieving your goals.

Hey! I'm Inma

Since 2017, I design digital planners, notebooks and stickers that awaken creativity and invite curiosity and contemplation. My goal is that functionality and aesthetics always go hand in hand. Because not only paper planners have the right to be beautiful! Come in if you want and I'll tell you more about me.

About me

Happy customers's reviews

  • Aditya


    I really like this journaling template! It's so simple and easy to use. I've tried other templates that were way too complex and time-consuming, but this one is perfect for me. It will helped you to keep track of your thoughts and looking back at your thoughts from an year ago is just amazing. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a simple and effective journaling solution!

  • Jesse


    I have been looking for a teacher’s planner for a while now for use in my homeschool. Some homeschool parents choose to go with a regular yearly planner vs a homeschool planner because it’s more flexible and I too was having a hard time finding a planner that fits my needs until I found this planner. Undated so I can use it year over year. It also has multiple tabs which are hyperlinked for custom use.

  • Kristi


    I had previously purchased the 2021-2022 version and liked it so much I decided I wanted to start fresh with all of 2022 in one planner. I’m very pleased with it and find the weekly schedule really helpful with implementing time blocking and pomodoro methods. Thanks for a well thought out and clean planner!

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