How to use the extra undated templates

Some of my planners include extra undated templates (finance planner, weekly menu, workout log, etc.). As they are undated you will have to add the date manually when you need it. 

These pages can be duplicated whenever you need them. If you duplicate a template several times, every time you click on the link that leads to that template, it will go to the original page, the duplicated pages will not have links as they are new and Noteshelf does not allow you to add links. 

If you want that when you click on a link it displays the current month's template, follow the steps below. This is the method I usually use:

  1. Imagine that you are going to fill in the finance calendar for the month of January. Go to the template by clicking on the link and fill in all the data you want. 
  2. When the month is over and you are going to start filling in the month of February, duplicate the month of January (filled in) and paste it just behind. Then you have two identical copies of this template for January.
  3. Delete the contents of the first copy and fill in the data for February. This way, the first page of this section will be February and the second January. And when you click on the link it will take you to February, which is the current month.
  4. The same way, on March, duplicate February and paste it behind. Delete the content of the first page and fill in the data for March. 
  5. And so on until we complete all the months we want. When the year is over you can reorder them if you want. 
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